When it comes to bridal gown alterations, there are a few nuances you’ll need to be aware of.

First, when it comes to sizing, the alterations specialist will likely recommend you order a dress that is slightly larger than your exact measurements. This allows for enough fabric and seam allowance for the dress to fit comfortably after alterations.

Second, always make sure you try on the dress with any accessories or undergarments that will be worn on the day of the wedding. This type of added coverage can affect how snugly the dress fits and what kind of adjustments may need to be made for a comfortable fit.

Third, when speaking with your alterations expert about possible changes to the design or fabric of your gown, keep in mind that these modifications sometimes come with extra costs associated. Be sure to discuss all fees up front so there is no confusion later on down the line.

Finally, if it’s possible, try to book alterations services within a few weeks prior to your wedding date in order to allow enough time for any potential last minute fixes or adjustments – because ultimately that’s what makes all the difference on your special day!